Raised on a love of antiques and history, fascinated by classic films, antique photos and the fashions within them. Here in these pages is my own vintage clothing collection from over 30 years, sometimes worn while attending period or historical events. I have modeled vintage clothes for several fashion shows, participated in some stage shows, and have been known for recreating period looks of many different decades. Also included are events or shows for which I wore costumes that were not necessarily historical, but still in the vein of “playing dress-up.” As a photo artist, my style usually includes the use of period clothing and costumes of some kind.

What is in these galleries is not my entire collection, but a sampling of it. I hope to continue scanning older photos and posting new ones as they occur. Please come back from time to time to see any new postings.


Time Travel through fashion

Left to right:

20s Speakeasy Soiree, 30s Cicada Club Penthouse Party, 50s Film Noir Evening, 60s Album Cover Photo shoot